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Syneptic est un dj/producteur suisse de 19 ans qui a commencé à mixer en 2013. Depuis toujours amoureux de la musique et notamment de la dnb depuis 2011, ce n’était qu’une question de temps avant qu’il ne se mette aux platines.

Après un apprentissage rapide des bases du mix, il consacre tout son temps et son énergie à explorer différentes techniques afin de créer des sets variés et dynamiques. Très vite, il fait les premières parties de grosses pointures telles que Camo & Krooked, Mutated Forms, Modestep, Task Horizon, Spite and Jenna G en plus d’être tête d’affiche dans sa région.

Début 2014, on a pu entendre ses morceaux sur la BBC Radio 1Xtra lors du Crissy Criss’ Drum & Bass Show ou encore sur un Guest Mix de Swiss Playground Label. Un crack de la drum à surveiller cette année de près avec plein de nouvelles tracks à venir!

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Syneptic is a 19 year old DJ / producer from Switzerland who has started DJing in 2013. He always had a passion for all sorts of music, especially drum and bass since 2011, which meant that it was only a matter of time until he got into DJing.

After quickly understanding the basics of DJing he spent a lot of time and effort in trying out various mixing techniques in order to create diverse and energetic sets. It was not long until he supported big artists such as Camo & Krooked, Mutated Forms, Modestep, Task Horizon, Spite and Jenna G. In addition, he has played at an Open Air Event and also as headliner at a local event.

In early 2014, Syneptic has been featured on Crissy Criss’ Drum & Bass Show on BBC Radio 1Xtra with an Xtra Talent Guest Mix and also on the Swiss Playground Label with the very first Guest mix of their weekly Playtime Podcast. As he got more and more into music he discovered his passion for electronic music production. You can expect new tracks from him soon.


Guest Mix :


Tracklist :

Crissy Criss – Superstars
Friction – Stand Up (Vs. Camo & Krooked) (feat. Dynamite MC)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Phantasm
SKisM – Experts (The Prototypes Remix)
Sub Focus – Timewarp VIP
The Prototypes – Abyss VIP
The Maxx – Cocaine (Mattix & Futile Remix)
Dubnium – Triangle X
State of Mind – Unconscious (feat. Black Sun Empire)
Callide & Intraspekt – Uninvited
Mind Vortex – Hotbox
DJ Fresh – Dibby Dibby Sound (Sigma Remix) (feat. Ms Dynamite & Jay Fay)
Tantrum Desire – Pay Your Own Way
Crissy Criss – Rinsin’ Selection
Taxman – Cool It Judy VIP
Verist – Warrior
Raw Theory – Solarise
Black Sun Empire – Drizzle (Black Sun Empire VIP) (feat. Audio)
James Arthur – Get Down (Smooth Remix)
Lynx – Take Back the Night (feat. Newsome)
Danny Byrd – Make It Weighty
Callide & Intraspekt – Heart of the Machine
Modestep – Show Me A Sign (Camo & Krooked Remix)
Dubnium – Arctic Empire
MUST DIE! – Win Or Lose (feat. Computer Club & Anna Yvette)
Mark Instinct – CTRL
Ravager – Train Groove
Syneptic – Vision
Noisia – Dustup (feat. The Upbeats)
Fox Stevenson – Give Them Hell
Zomboy – Here to Stay (Delta Heavy Remix) (feat. Lady Chann)
High Maintenance – Freedom
Feint – Horizons (Stan SB Remix)
The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Shameboy – Strobot (Netsky Remix)
DJ Fresh – Earthquake (TC Remix) (Vs. Diplo) (feat. Dominique Young Unique)
Rockwell – Detroit
The Prototypes – Lights
ShockOne – Crucify Me (Part 1) (feat. Phetsta)
High Maintenance – Your Are The One
Rudimental – Right Here (Andy C Remix)
The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot
Wilkinson – Heartbeat (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) (feat. P Money & Arlissa)
Tantrum Desire – What Is Your Desire (feat. I-Kay) (Dance Floor Pressure Mix)
Showtek – Cannonball (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) (feat. Justin Prime & Matthew Koma)
The M Machine – Schadenfreude (Tantrum Desire Remix)
High Maintenance – Watching Me (feat. Mediks & Georgina Upton)
TC – Vegas
Dr Meaker – Don’t Think It’s Love (Mind Vortex Remix)
Xilent – Ultra
Fox Stevenson – Lightspeed
Kairo Kingdom – One Two (State Of Mind Remix)
Tristam – Flight (feat. Braken)
Major Look – Never Hold Us Back
Rockwell – Childhood Memories (Metrik Remix) (feat. Kito & Sam Frank)
Memtrix – Slipper
Benny Banks – Bada Bing (Friction Remix)
Dodge & Fuski vs. Culprate – Vice (Phetsta Remix)
Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ In (Skrillex Goin’ Hard Mix)
ShockOne – Chaos Theory (Drumstep Mix)
Crissy Criss & Youngman – Kick Snare (Drumstep VIP)
Matrix & Futurebound – Magnetic Eyes (TC Remix)
Pendulum – Granite
Fourward – Rave
ShockOne – Universes (feat. Phetsta & Reija Lee)
Smooth – 7th Sense (feat. KG)
Burnz N Hell – Overnight (Syneptic D&B Edit)
Dimension – Delight
Wilkinson – Afterglow
Pendulum – The Island (Lenzman Remix)
Michael Woods – We’ve Only Just Begun (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
Dy Over Dx – I Was Wrong
Paul SG – Can’t Stop Tonight (feat. MC Fava)
Sonic – Piano Anthem
Emforay – Dolphin (Thierry Remix)

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Credit Saboteur.ch (Michael Schoch)