Blast, born in 1986, is a Drum & Bass Dj and producer from Porto, Portugal, with more than 15 years of experience behind the decks.
Member of Yellow-Stripe crew since his early days, he was mostly known for furious 3 and 4 deck sets filled with the harder styles the genre had to offer, mainly Neurofunk and 2006ish Technoid DnB.
Blast was a Therapy Sessions Portugal resident for more than 10 years, and has played at countless events, throughout Portugal and some European Countries such as Slovakia, Hungary or Switzerland, amongst others
His fast mixing style and skills behind the decks have earned him “The Octopus” nickname within the Portuguese DnB community.
As a producer, Blast still aims for the technoid and neurofunk sounds that influenced him so much back in the days, combined with his own modern twist.
He released his first EP on Yellow-Stripe Recordings, and shortly after, three more EPS on the Belgian label, Future Sickness, as well as some singles and remixes on Drumatch, Harder & Louder and Mindocracy.
As a DJ, he is a DnB lover in general, collecting and embracing all the subgenres there is to offer.
In 2019, he and his long time friend and fellow crew member, Fragz (Aka Jon Tho) founded their own label, Surveillance Music.
Their label follows it´s own concept and aesthetics, merging forward thinking DnB with clean and tight visuals.
Blast also has a background on Graffiti and illustration [Under the alias Fedor).

Guest mix

Alix Perez & Monty - Good to Me [1985]
+ Ph42e – Gunrun [Skalator]
Rift – Control [Impact]
Proton X – Specters [Abducted Ltd]
Glyph & Division – Trust Me [Ekou]
Subdue – I Need [Counterpoint]
Mofes & Division – Katakomben (Phentix Remix) [Ekou]
False Concept – Close (Ill Truth Remix) [Ekou]
Agressor Bunx – Lethal Rain [Eatbrain]
+ Psynchro – Musicolors [Axon]
Zombie Cats – Never [Eatbrain]
Gobs de BXL – 350 [Space Pirate]
Acid Lab – Nero [Counterpoint]
Screamarts – Extramundane (Manta Remix) [Soundcloud]
Skylark – Like This [Neu]
D´Cypher – Barrels [Counterpoint]
Reptile – Runnin´[Impact]
SLWDWN – Without You [Surveillance]
+ Skylark & Exept – The Mist [Vision]
Cern & Sabre – Pinch Me [Dispatch]
D-Struct & Arxiva – Rarecycle [Skalator]
Zombie Cats Feta. Sarah Pellicano – Chains [Eatbrain]
The Caracal Project – Wolves [Impact]
+ Monty & Visages – Black Shield [1985]
Neurotoxin – Dope Weapon [DLT9]
D´Cypher – Off The Wall [Counterpoint]
Monty – Decisions [1985]
Sublimit & Jabaru – ID [DUB]
Acid Lab – Funk Tune [Counterpoint]
Skylark & Gyrofield – Ergo [Dividid]
+ Freshney – Crank [Surveillance]
Psynchro – Angara [Axon]
D-Struct & Arxiva – Innerworld [Skalator]
Neurotoxin – ID [DUB]
Molecular – Ultron [Ekou]
Visages – Point of View (Sustance Remix) [Impact]
Monty – Hypnotize [1985]
+ SLWDWN – Secrets [Surveillance]
Noizesplitter – Remain [Sine Function]
Monty & Halogenix – Old Town [Critical]
Exept & Visages – Rotary [Methlab]
Surge – Club Tower [Encounter]
Kit Jones – Isolus [Surveillance]
SLWDWN – Dark Matter [Impact]
Surge – Dredge [Encounter]
Maniatics – Out of Control (Nickbee Remix) [DUB]
+ Kung & Jon Tho – ID [DUB]
Kit Jones – Counting [Surveillance]
The Caracal Project – Intoxicated [Blackout]
Jon Tho – In Silence [Surveillance]
Disprove – Fool´s Paradise [Surveillance]
Rockwell – Vent [Obsolete Medium]
Noizesplitter – Discorocker [Sine Function]
Imanu – Pulse (Rillium Patreon Remix) [Soundcloud]
+ The Caracal Project – Blodd Moon [Impact]
Redpill – Give it [Blackout]
Noizesplitter – Move [Sine Function]
Burr Oak – Skint [Eatbrain]
Surge – Kernel [Encounter]
The Clamps – No Reality [Trendkill]
+ Redpill – Flesh & Blood [Blackout]
Noizesplitter – Process [Sine Function]
Burr Oak – Mongoose [Eatbrain]
Redpill – Negativity [Eatbrain]
Synergy – Strobe [Patreon]
Kit Jones – Valeyard [Surveillance]
Katharsys – Dirty Like A French Man (The Clamps Remix) [Othercide]
+ Moleclar – Dunkin [Ekou]